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What Our Fans Say

Carol E.

We've always enjoyed Jesse in person and appreciate him sharing some music with us social distancing style. Were all grabbing a drink, kicking back to listen and watch him just like many of us have done so many times in the American Legion in Polk City.

Everett C.

I would recommend to anyone that likes country music to go see Jesse, if you don't like it then you don't like country music period. After I seen him the first time I was sold and go to see him sing every chance I get. He has his own music which is awesome, but sings many other artists as well. An all around champion showman. He recently visited our hometown bar and there were only a few people there when he arrived, word quickly got out of his talent and soon the place was packed, everyone had a great time and begged him to stay. On a scale of 5, I give him 6 stars. Highly recommend!!

Michael N.

Thank you so very much for blessing my family and I tonight. You are a very talented performer.

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