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A Little About Jesse

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Jesse was reared in a little town named Bethany, in Central Oklahoma. He grew up singing and hearing four-part harmony every Sunday. The a cappella music church that he grew up in does not allow musical instruments. Thus, reading shape notes, and filling in, to even out the weakest part of the harmony was foundational in his music development.


Jesse was given his first guitar by his mother, after realizing that he was singing songs on the radio, in the back of the station wagon, at 3yrs old. (He claims the trumpet is his first instrument)


The artists that continue to influence him are: Tennessee Ernie Ford, Hank Snow, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Keith Whitley, Vern Gosdin, Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Freddie Fender, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, The Gap Band, Night Ranger, George Jones, and Chuck Berry.

Jesse’s rich voice covers a very wide range. He can vibrate the basement with his bass, and yodel to high falsetto. He learned this from the artist’s that he admired, and perfected it by singing to cattle, in rural Montana, on his family’s ranch. Jesse is often asked to sing deep songs by Johnny Cash, or obscure tunes not heard on the radio anymore. Jesse loves audience participation when entertaining.


With the many songs that he knows by heart, Jesse is also a prolific composer and poet. He has written approximately 200 songs pertaining to: when he went to war (Desert Storm), funny songs about life, songs to please his love, or self-proclaimed “improvements” to songs that you already know.

“Please dance, clap, and enjoy yourself!”

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